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July 9, 2017

Gathering of the Goblins: Goodwood Races 9/7/17

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Wow… what a fantastic day’s racing we had today.  The weather was perfect, the events were awesome, the children’s behaviour and manners were impeccable and we won two awards!!!

Please view the photos below to gain a flavour of what racing Goblins at Goodwood involves.

We are absolutely delighted to have won the award for Best Bodywork for the second year in a row!  Competition was very tough this year and the reason that our Unique-Horn car won this award was that the girls could clearly describe how it was built and what materials were used, demonstrating that it genuinely was their own creation.

In addition, the boys team came third in the Pit Stop Challenge event where they had to change all the wheels on the car in the fastest time possible.

I am so very proud of all our BWJS students today.  Huge congratulations to all of you.

Thank you very much for the amazing support of our parents which included transporting our cars to and from the track, supporting the drivers, providing water, sun screen and food and importantly funding our project through the PTA.

A great big thank you also goes to Mr Peter Neale for his weekly support (coming all the way from the New Forest) without whom Car Club would not be possible.

I am sure that memories from today will remain a life-time!

P.S. I have hundreds of photographs!  If you let me have a memory stick I can copy them for you.

Mrs Bradley

Gathering of the Goblins

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BWIS are ready to go racing!

Students, please make sure you bring water, sun cream and hats as it will be very hot! (Check your list too please)

Parents, consider a camping chair.

Please aim to leave Bishop’s Waltham by 7:30am this morning

Don’t forget, everyone participates in each of the main 4 events

See you at Garage 20 for Signing On from 8:30am

Hope you are all excited!!! It’s going to be an amazing day!!

PO18  0(zero)PH

July 6, 2017

Bishop’s Waltham Gardening Club: Annual Show

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Gardeners, bakers and creative children of BWJS we urge you to take up the challenge and participate in this wonderfully traditional community event!  Let’s have some proud winners from OUR school!!

 Get ready for our 61st Open Annual Show 

To be held at


Little Shore Lane SO32 1ED



at 2pm.


Entries are FREE to BWGC Members, and also Children.


Classes; Vegetables; Flowers; Floral Art; Cookery; Preserves;

Sugar Craft; Arts & Craft; Children’s Classes


Closing Date for entries; Adults – Wednesday 19th July

But later entries will be charged at £1 per entry

Children’s entries closing date Thursday 20th July


Please note; The Hall will be open at 8am to 10am for exhibitors

At 10am the Hall will be cleared for Judging.


Extra Brochures –which include entry forms and tips for showing- are available locally at the Post Office High Street and Newtown Newsmart, or contact the Show Secretary, Mr Wally Blyth 01489 894 921

 I also have a few brochures if you need one.  Mrs Bradley

July 3, 2017

Car Club: The Gathering of the Goblins Race info (updated 4th July)

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The Big Day is upon us.  Our Goodwood Race Day takes place this Sunday 9th July.

Please arrange for your child to arrive at Goodwood Motor Circuit (PO18 0PH) between 8:00 – 8:30am.

Park in Car Park C and walk to meet us at the Inner Paddock. (Follow directions of marshals -10 minute walk.)  Children MUST be with us at Garage 20 in the inner paddock area by 8:45.  We all need to attend a Team Briefing: 9:00am.

We shall be based in Garages 20 & 21 

On arrival please ensure you sign a Risk Awareness – Signing On sheet (Children & parents). I will have this form.
I will have parent contact details with me for all participating children.  Please don’t hesitate to ring me with any questions:  Jo-Anna Bradley 07739400181

Please remember to bring with you:

  • Race Overalls (light shorts/leggings underneath)
  • Red team T-shirt
  • Trainers
  • Hair-bands for long hair
  • Hat & sunscreen (21 degrees forecast)
  • Packed lunch (no glass bottles)
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Possibly money for an Event T-shirt/ Food

This is a fantastic day for spectators. There are viewing areas on the track side and access to the general paddock area is permitted. Family and friends are welcome to come along.   I wish everyone involved a very enjoyable and memorable day.

Many thanks for your support.

Good Luck BWJS Drivers!

P.S.  Look out for local Goblin Teams from Droxford Junior School and Wickham Primary!

June 30, 2017

Friday 30th June 2017 – This Week’s Value Winners

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June 29, 2017

Thursday 29th June 2017 – Hampshire Games Swimming Success

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Today, 11 Year 4’s and 1 Year 3 travelled to Aldershot to represent our district for swimming at the Hampshire Games. The children were very excited at the Opening Ceremony and rightly so! As we walked to the pool, proudly carrying our banner, nervous energy was definitely apparent. The children got changed and completed their look with our school T-Bags. This got them in to the competition zone and we walked out with pride to pool side.

When the teams were introduced, the Bishop’s Waltham cheer was rather loud! Our travelling supporters were cheering just as loud on the other side! The pool was 25m, 5m longer than our school one and a very deep 3.8m!
The races started and we certainly showed off our skills and talents in the water. We won many of our heats, had great times on all our floats and good distances on our push and glides. We came in to a league of our own for the relays. We changed tactics and bounced off each other to ensure we comfortable won all of the relays by at least 10m. One of them was about length and a half! (We will have more details of individual times and places soon).

We knew we had done well but not certain on gold. We gathered for results. Lowest score would win! 9th place point score was 190+. The scores decreased and 2nd place was announced with 88. We did it! 1st place was announced with an incredibly low 68 to BWJS! They did it! Their sheer determination, sportsmanship, technique and talent won BWJS gold! The event coordinator commended the squad and said they were true winners for both their superb swimming and cheering the loudest all day!

The children, from beginning to end, were FANTASTIC. They represented our school and district honourably. You cheered each other on, you congratulated each other and you cheered for other schools when they were down – a demonstration of sportsmanship at its best. You were by far the loudest, most competitive but caring team there. I cannot stress how proud I am of them all and I know Mrs Cooper will be too along with the rest of the school. They showed every school and Hampshire Game value. Mrs and Harris and I feel honoured to have gone to such an important event with such a brilliant bunch of swimmers! Well done! We went to win and we did, you are all stars!

PS – Thank you to all the parents and a grandparent for travelling with us today – you were a great support for the team!

Wednesday 28th June 2017 – Year 4 Swimming Gala

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The children were phenomenal during our annual gala! They all swam lengths and showed great sportsmanship towards one and other during the event. We would like to thank all the spectators who took their time to come along. A special thank you to those who helped with giving out the place cards and to Mrs Johnson who kept the score for us!

Now to the children… You have all progressed so much. Mrs Harris and I have had the privileged to see you through 2 of these galas and the progress is incredible. Many parents commented on how much the children have developed technique and stamina over the past year. They should all be very proud of themselves. A huge well done from Mr McKenna, Mrs Barclay (who was very impressed to hear about her swimming group), Mrs Harris and Mrs Mars.


June 28, 2017

Wednesday 28th June 2017 – Ceilidh Dance Festival

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33 children across years 3-6 took part in the Ceilidh Dance Festival held at the Jubilee Hall. The children have been practising for this festival during the Ceilidh Dancing club which has been run by Mrs Amos and Mrs Davey afterschool on a Thursday. The children have learnt many dances to lots of different pieces of music using traditional Ceilidh moves. Today, there were a variety of infant, junior and primary schools all performing together as a celebration of Ceilidh Dancing. Both Mrs Amos and Mrs Davey said how proud they were of the children and the way they performed and were able to remember the dances. They were very well behaved and showed our school values throughout the afternoon. An enjoyable afternoon was had by both children and adults!

Many thanks to Mrs Simpson and Miss Ekless who accompanied the children to the Jubilee Hall as well as the parents and family members who went along to support at the festival.

June 27, 2017

Tuesday 27th June 2017 – Vegetable Garden

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Ben, Bethan and Olivia had lots of fun picking some broad beans from the garden this morning to use in our pasta salads! We had quite the collection and they tasted lovely!

Tuesday 27th June 2017 – Pasta Salad making in Year 3

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This afternoon, Year 3 made their pasta salads using fresh local ingredients from the Co-op. The children had a variety of salad ingredients to choose from and then the choice of goats cheese, cheddar cheese, garlic and nettle cheese or trout to add a finishing touch. The children made their salads in pairs and used their knife skills to chop up the ingredients. Mr McKenna then came to taste each salad and he now has the hard task of choosing 2 winners from Gingko! Mrs Mars judged the salads in Maple and she will also be choosing 2 winners. The prize for the winning children will be an invitation to Piccolo Roma in the village where they will work with the chefs to make fresh pasta and have their salads prepared in a professional kitchen!

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