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October 22, 2021

Friday 22nd October 2021 – Year 5 – Paul Nolan visit – Science – Tag Rugby

On Tuesday, Year Five spent a wonderful morning with local author, Paul Nolan. The children spent their time learning, hearing and re-enacting events from World War Two. Our theme throughout was someone called Charles Herbert Lightoller. He was the highest ranking officer to survive the Titanic. Alongside surviving this, he led an eventful life that included being part of D Day evacuations in his own boat!

The morning began with children dressed in different uniforms from the war. They learnt how it felt to be part of the action on the beach of Dunkirk. Real stretchers were used as they raced to rescue casualty after casualty from the beach, back onto the waiting boats.

Later the children experienced, again through drama, the emotions of being on Charles Herbert Lightoller’s boat as it left the Dunkirk beach. A number of children wore costumes as they learnt about the different roles required to escape under heavy enemy bombing. We ended the morning, with class versus class quiz to see what we had gained from the morning’s learning.

Using their experiences from the morning, we then returned to our classrooms to begin writing stories based around Charles’s WW2 experiences and how they reminded him of the fateful night the Titanic sunk. The children worked enthusiastically on their stories and enjoyed sharing them with their peers.

Paul also did a book signing for those children that wanted some of his great books.

Thank you Paul, for your great enthusiasm and passion for bringing history (safely) alive. Also a massive thank you to FOBS who funded the event. We’re hugely grateful for the contributions they, and families who attend their events, make to enhance the curriculum at our school. Thank you!

Science – Forces

As part of Year 5’s current science unit we have been investigating the force of gravity. We’ve looked at how humanity used to explain gravity and measured newtons with a forcemeter. From research, the year group then created a poster about the life of Isaac Newton. We discovered that although he was a genius whose theories we still use today, he constantly argued with other academics of the time and even tried to erase one of his bitter rival’s work from history! Additionally, the children enjoyed measuring the pull of gravity on everyday objects, testing which materials are best for grippy shoes and experiments involving air resistance. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a forcemeter strong enough to investigate the weight of a Year 5 child.

PE – Tag Rugby

Our Tag Rugby unit culminated in a fantastic tournament on Wednesday. I was so impressed with the skills and school values that the children put into place to make the games entertaining to watch. Well done Year 5!          

The year group has enjoyed a fantastic first half term and settled well into their Year 5 learning. Have a grand half term from the Year 5 team.

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