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September 14, 2021

Tuesday 14th September 2021 – Handy Hares of Happiness

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We have been fortunate recently to receive two amazing gifts from two very talented ladies.

First of all, a lovely lady Vicky Briggs has very kindly knitted and donated 30 ‘Handy Hares of Happiness’ to our school for the children to hold and squeeze to give them an extra dose of happiness if they need it. Each of the hares has its own name with a message attached.

Here is an example message.

‘Hello, my name is Henrietta and I am a H.H.H (Handy Hare of Happiness.) I’m 5 years old and my favourite food is choclate chip ice cream. I come from Hopsville and I like to live in bags and pockets. My hobbies include hopscotch, hopping, hugging and wearing ice cream cones on my head.’

The mission of the H.H.H (Commando Division) is to make people smile. So keep me close and give me a squeeze whenever you want an extra dose of happiness. Love Henrietta xxx

Mr & Mrs Wootton kindly nominated our school for these amazing Hares, and we are extremely grateful to them, because children are already benefiting from having one of these hares.

Secondly, we are very grateful to Mrs Ann Brown (Annie) for very kindly crocheting us some worry worms. These are a great hit with children who have little worries. Just to give the worry worm a hug seems to take their worries away. Mrs. Brown is an ex-Governor of our school, so it makes the worry worms extra special.

Handy Hares of Happiness and the worry worms are now in their new home, The Oasis Room, in school.

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