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May 7, 2020

Thursday 7th May – Redwood Class Blog

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What a wonderful sunny day again – I hope you have all been able to enjoy being outside at some point today.

Redwood have had a very busy week and I have received so many wonderful pictures of what you have been up to.

One of the home learning tasks set this week was to imagine you were on holiday and to create and write a postcode home. Redwood have been all over the world with postcards from Australia to South America, Spain to Egypt! In these countries they have been up to all sorts of activities and have eaten the most delicious food.

Talking of food, this week Redwood were asked to try a new food that they hadn’t tasted before. They then had to write a review about it and create an advert for the food too. Harry has been trying coconuts. Have a read of what he has written – it might persuade you to try it too!

Edo has been working hard on his guide book for Bishop’s Waltham. It is definitely worth a read to see if there are any new things you could learn about your town.

Olivia E and Ben have been working hard on some of their new skills. Olivia has been busy with cooking, photography and powerpoint skills and Ben with his guitar.

Emilia M, Jamie and Lucy B have been working hard on their Maths and English this week. Emilia made a clock to help with some time questions, Jamie became a detective and found out who the party bag thief was as well as doing some English work and Lucy left us on a cliffhanger!

The Enchanted Forest By Lucy B

There once was a warrior called Bella. She went looking for an adventure. She came across an Enchanted Forest. A Fairy called Pixie called her name. Bella felt scared, nervous and surprised. How does this fairy know her name? Bella could see a magical cave that was glowing. Pixie said “Go in the cave”. Bella said “what is in the cave?”. Pixie said “there is a magical town”. Bella felt excited so she went inside the cave…

Finally Harry has painted this beautiful picture using acrylic paints.

Well done to all of you and keep up the fantastic work!

Fun fact of the day: Cats use their whiskers to decide if they can fit through small spaces.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and the celebrations for VE day. (You will be learning all about it next week!)

Miss Elwes

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