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May 6, 2020

Wednesday 6th May 2020 – Gardening club@home

Mrs White received a lovely email from Jessica and Joseph (Y5 and Y3) today, telling her all about the bees they keep at home. They have kindly taken some pictures to accompany the information which is fascinating to read:

“We have been keeping bees for several years and now have 5 colonies or hives.  Bees are so fascinating, they produce delicious honey, and play an absolutely essential role in pollinating plants and therefore putting food on all of our tables.

Here is a picture of Jessica and Joseph helping to have a look into one of the hives. At this time of year we have to do weekly inspections to make sure that everything is looking ok.

This is a great example of what a good fame should look like. In the centre there is the brood (the developing baby bees), then a ring of pollen that provides the bees with protein and on the outside are the stores, or honey, which gives them energy.

In the middle of summer there can be up to 60,000 bees in a colony.

Last week one of our colonies swarmed and settled into a tree in the garden.

We collected the swarm in a cardboard box and then poured that into a new hive.

We made a bit of a mistake and left the bees with too much space at the top of their new home. They used this space to build some comb which they started to fill with honey. We didn’t want the comb and honey in this bit of the hive and so we had to take it out.

Once all the bees were removed from it, it looked like this:

There is only one thing to do with fresh comb and honey…..  eat it!

It tasted AMAZING!!!!!”

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