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April 6, 2020

Monday 6th April – Art@Home Challenge

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Morning!  It’s Monday, it’s the Easter holidays, and if you’re feeling creative I have a new challenge to keep you busy!

Remember that any of the challenges posted here can be adapted according to the materials you have at home – I know that not everyone has a huge stash of art and craft supplies at home (something I have to admit that I AM fairly guilty of!)

This week’s challenge (in preparation for Easter this weekend) is to:


You could perhaps hang it in your front window for others to spot on their walk!

I’m sure you will all have lots of ideas for your own original Easter garlands.  If you are stuck, though, there are lots of ideas to be found on the web. Here are 3 of my favourites:


We are going to adapt this one to hang in our dining room window.  Note that an egg cutter is obviously NOT necessary – just make a template and cut around it! 

All that is needed to make salt dough is flour, salt and water.  NB. 250°F is 120°C (just a warning so you don’t burn your decorations!).  Normal poster paint works fine too.  My top tip is to coat this with some PVA glue to seal it: this way you should be fine storing your garland away and bringing it back out year after year.  Or how about collaging your eggs using scraps of paper? We used stickers for the spots on ours.


Just make out of card or paper if you don’t have foam sheets!  It’s better for the environment that way anyway.


How about making something like this out of an opened out cardboard box or wrapping paper if you don’t have a large roll of paper in the house? If you don’t fancy bunnies, what about carrots, eggs or chicks?

I’m already looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!  Don’t forget to email your photos to me:, and look out for them on the blog and School Jotter on Friday. I’ll be posting your other Isolation Creations on Wednesday 🙂

Keep on creating!

Mrs Milne

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