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February 13, 2020

Thursday 13th February 2020 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 4

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It’s 8:15pm, and we’re sitting in theatre room 2 watching The Queen’s Corgi.  After three evening activities that involved actual activity, Thursday night is the night when we recognise there’s nothing more for the children to give.  A great day, but I think we’re ready to come home now!

Activities today allowed each group to complete their set.  The four main activities of the day were climbing, archery, fencing and the crate challenge.  We had rain in the morning which made climbing a little harder than it otherwise would have been – cold wet hands don’t give you the best grip.  Nevertheless, some children managed to ring the bell at the top of the tower, and lots of others gave it their best.  Like yesterday, some of our more height-averse children made it higher than they’d been before, so full marks to them.  The sun came out for the afternoon when most of us were doing the crate challenge, an activity in which you build a tower of crates while using the same tower as a platform.  Lots of fun, but cold – again – as the afternoon drew to a close.  Another hot meal, a trip to the shop, and a further room inspection followed, and by now, most children are at least partially packed for tomorrow morning.

As we watch the film quietly in the dark, it’s entirely possible that some children are dozing already.  Either way, we’re expecting a quiet night when we get back to our dormitories.  We have an earlier start tomorrow – breakfast soon after 7 – but that should give us enough time to finish packing.  Then time for Mrs Barclay and Mrs Amos to check the rooms, and time to finish packing again.  And, possibly, again.  Let’s hope we’re ready for the coach at 9:30!

As we travel back to Bishop’s Waltham tomorrow, we’ll keep you updated on our arrival time on the twitter feed and the facebook page.  We’re looking forward to some happy reunions at about 11:30.  Make sure your washing machines are empty!

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