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February 12, 2020

Wednesday 12th February 2020 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 3

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One of the great things about our visit to Liddington is the way things develop as the week goes on.  At the beginning of the week, there are always a number of children who are nervous about the height challenges, and as the week goes on, it’s a real pleasure to see the children stretch themselves and grow in confidence.

This afternoon, all four groups had a turn on the abseiling towers.  We don’t control the timetable for the week, so abseiling can take place at any point, but a Wednesday afternoon is fairly ideal.  By this point, the children have all done some activities at height, and they’re all used to wearing a harness and dangling from a rope.  This means they’re in a good position to have a go.  Some children were very confident, and able to climb to the top of the tower and abseil it with ease, but the children we’re most proud of are the few who had struggled with heights up until now but were able – for the first time – to reach the top of the tower and then abseil their way to the floor.  A fantastic effort from some children who we won’t name – we’ll let them tell you all about it when they get home.  The looks of joy and pride are the ones that stay with you.

Another area of growth throughout the week is our evening room inspections.  The children’s rooms were inspected for the first time yesterday with decidedly mixed results, but by tonight most children had found a way to improve.  For some rooms this meant some covering the basics – hanging up wet towels, putting away dirty socks, flushing the toilet – but for some, this improvement involved performing songs and dances or leaving a mystery trail of kidnapped teddy bears.  Hopefully, on our return, every child in the year group will be keen to put their new-found room tidying skills to the test; feel free to feed back to us whether this is the case at our next parents’ evening.

The staff team at Liddington (now joined by Mr Campbell and Mrs Zillwood) have their own challenge to follow: how to get the largest possible amount of food out of the dining room staff during meal times.  Mrs Arnold has a well-honed system of watching the children collect their meals and identifying the best serving station to go to.  Mr Senior took a step into the lead during yesterday’s dinner time by wrangling dinner with a side order of another dinner, but Mr Campbell soared past him during tonight’s meal by combining all three dinner options on the same plate.  Needless to say, we’re now watching the children take part in their evening activities in a fairly passive state.

Other activities today: aeroball, an exciting if mildly alarming combination of basketball and trampolining; archery in the distant fields; orienteering around the site; and the vertical challenge, a hybrid climbing wall made of rope ladders, scramble nets, traditional climbing wall and tyre stacks which always proves itself worthy of its name.  Our evening  activity tonight is an adaptation of the Million Pound Drop – slightly more sedate than previous evening activities, but with enough physical movement to ensure, we hope, another good night’s sleep before our final full day.

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