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February 11, 2020

Tuesday 11th February 2020 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 2

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Last night, after uploading the blog post, we assumed we’d be settling down to a lengthy period of settling and re-settling children.  However, by 10:30, the staff team were making their own way to bed in a corridor of relative quiet.  Our sleep was disturbed in the morning not by Year 6, but by the group in the corridor above who obviously had an earlier breakfast slot than we did!

An 8 o’clock breakfast on what is nominally a school day is quite the luxury, especially when that breakfast involves bacon.  The children were delighted by the choices on offer, though we had to eat quickly in order to be ready for our morning activities.

This morning’s activities consisted of the two activities which are usually our most exciting and our most terrifying.  The Giant Swing – most people’s Liddington highlight – consists of a metal bar which children are strapped to before being hauled high in the air and suddenly released.  If you zoom the camera in closely enough you can sometimes capture the moment when a child’s facial expression turns from sheer terror into pure exhilaration, but the February sunlight means you’re just as likely to get a dramatic silhouette – you’ll see some of these below.  More challenging, though, is the trapeze.  Taking part in the trapeze involves climbing a telegraph pole, standing on a small wooden platform, and leaping into space in the hope of grasping the cold metal bar hanging in front of you.  Not everyone manages to catch the bar, but even climbing the pole is an achievement for many.

After lunch, our afternoon activities consisted of survivor (which some groups had done yesterday though the weather today was far kinder), orienteering, and Jacob’s Ladder which is probably the most physically demanding activity of the week.  As you climb Jacob’s ladder, the rungs get further and further apart until children need to pull themselves up almost their own body-height to reach the next level.  Children need to set their own success level for Jacob’s Ladder, but there always one or two who make it the top – they should feel very proud.

Dinner followed. If three hot meals a day seems excessive, believe me – it isn’t!  Even on a bright sunny day like today, the temperature outside is very low, and you need every source of heat you can get.  Fortunately, our bedrooms are very well heated, and – right now – they’re pretty tidy as the children have just had their first room inspections.  Some did very well – some have considerable scope for improvement!

To finish the day, the children are being thoroughly worn out by another round of races and activities.  Our PGL group leader, Jordan, is doing an excellent job of wearing them out, and we are noticeably more tired tonight than we were yesterday.  Here’s hoping, then, that we’re in for another good night’s sleep before the third day.

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