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November 22, 2019

Friday 21st November 2019 – Year 4 – Maths and History

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This week in Year 4 we have been busy with smashed plates and finding out how ordinary Anglo Saxon people lived! In maths I had an accident with some plates and they smashed. The children kindly offered to fix the plates by investigating which fractions would complete plates. This involved using their multiplication knowledge and making predictions. We had some really good discussions throughout this lesson. Also in maths this week we used our problem solving skills to answer some tricky number square questions. Our main activity involved burying amounts of money in a grid. However, each row and column had to equal £33! Everyone enjoyed using the resources to solve this tricky treasure problem. There’s no need to worry about dirty clothes, all the treasure burying occurred indoors.

During our History lessons we’ve been exploring why and where the Anglo Saxons settled in Britain. From this the year group produced some fantastic fact files. Next we completed an activity to decide which reasons we felt were the most important for the Anglo Saxon coming to Britain. The children are enjoying learning all about these people. Why not ask your new Anglo Saxon expert child to tell you all about them?

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