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June 13, 2019

Thursday 13th June 2019 – Y4 Multiplication Check

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You may be aware that the Government has made a Multiplication Times Tables Check statutory for all children in Year 4. This will become statutory from next year. Our school has agreed to participate in the multiplication check pilot scheme this year. Over the course of the next two weeks Y4 pupils from this school will go online (using a school laptop) and complete the pilot multiplication tables check devised by the DfE. They are familiar with the format as they have been given opportunities in school over the last month to practice. The tables check is very similar to the games the pupils play on times tables rockstars.

By the end of Year 4 pupils are expected to have rapid recall of their times tables up to 12 x 12. The multiplication tables check will test your child’s ability to rapidly recall times table questions and their associated division facts. The check itself will allow children 6 seconds to answer each question, which is followed by a 3 second break.

To help develop the children’s fluency and speed in their times tables, for the remainder of this term, weekly maths homework for the whole of Y4 will be for the children to play on Times Table Rockstars (minimum of 20 games per week.) This doesn’t need to be for a long amount of time. Little and often is better than a huge chunk of time. We will continue with daily practise of our times tables in school as well.

Times tables underpin mathematical fluency and aid children when completing more complex problems. Children are able to calculate quicker and with greater confidence when they do not need to calculate multiples of numbers, but rather use instant recall of the facts.

Thank you for your continued support.

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