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May 10, 2019

Friday 10th May 2019 – A Message to Y6 Pupils:

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I stumbled across a combination of letters and poems from other schools which I just had to adapt and share

To all of the Y6 pupils,

Over the past few months you have put in lots of effort in preparation for your SATS. You will nail them. We know you will.

In school (and for homework), you’ve been doing a lot of English and Maths, but you’ve got lots of other skills. Not every skill is taught in school and even less is tested. You might be a great skateboarder; fantastic at fashion design or have got green fingers….You might be a people person, a problem solver or a poet. SATS are never going to show off all of these amazing skills.

They don’t test whether you’re a creative person, can write code, build structures, whether you’re good at teaching IT skills to your granddad or have a rapport with animals. They don’t test your speaking skills or whether you can fix anything that is put in front of you. They don’t measure whether you’re arty, sporty, musical or love science. Although subjects like English and Maths are important, never forget you’ve been given talents in plenty of other areas too.

Please try your best to think of these tests as ‘something I’ve got to do, but not the most important thing in the world.’ The problem is that sometimes we teachers can make them seem really important, without noticing what we are doing. We have school targets we hope to meet and our school has Government targets it hopes to meet. It’s like a big chain and there’s only one person at the end of it…YOU!

But remember this: When you were born, no one said ‘What I want most is for my child to reach Age Related Expectations in Maths when they hit Year 6!’ (that would have been slightly weird!) The big things, the most important things are things like your personality, what you believe and think, your ideas, your kindness and honesty and that spark inside you that makes you you. During your time at school, you have shown us how considerate, friendly and quite simply how awesome you all are; your parents know it and, as a school, we’ve seen it.

Please don’t think you have to reach a certain level or expectation in these tests to make your parents and teachers proud; all we want is for you to try your very best – that is enough for us. So before you get yourself a little anxious or worried this weekend, mulling over what Monday may bring, take the time to relax and chill, so that you’re refreshed and ready to take on the world on Monday morning.

There is a video on the internet that asks you to count the number of passes a basketball team make. The passes come exceptionally quick and you really have to focus on the ball flying from left to right to count them all. At the end of the video it says, ‘Well done on counting the passes, but did you notice the moon-walking bear?’ You see, you were so busy focusing on watching the basketball; you missed a bear in the background, moon-walking across the screen.

SATS can be like that video challenge. We promise as a school not to be so busy focusing on your SATS that we don’t notice the amazing year sixes that you are.

Keep moonwalking and stay sparky.

Mr D Campbell
Head Teacher

Year 6 Team
Mr J Senior Mrs S Arnold Mrs K Zillwood Mrs K Daniels Mrs J Johnson Mrs T Shuker

SATs don’t measure sports,
SATs don’t measure art,
SATs don’t measure music,
Or the kindness in your heart.

SATs don’t see your beauty,
SATs don’t know your worth,
SATs don’t see the reasons,
You were put upon this earth.

SATs don’t see your magic,
How you make others smile,
SATs don’t time how quickly,
You can run a mile.

SATs don’t hear your laughter,
Or see you’ve come this far,
SATs are just a tiny glimpse,
Of who you really are.

So sitting at your table,
With a pencil and your test,
Remember SATs aren’t who you are,
Remember you’re the best!

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