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October 16, 2018

Tuesday 16th October 2018 – Visit from writer Paul Nolan

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Year Five had a fantastic visit from local author, Paul Nolan, today.  The children spent most of the morning in the school hall, hearing – and more importantly, re-enacting – key events from World War Two.

The morning began with a child dressing in the uniform of a World War Two soldier, whilst many children wore garrison hats.  They learnt how it felt to be part of the action on the beach of Dunkirk during the failed invasion.  Sounds effects rattled through the school hall as they took the positions of key troops in the battle.

Real stretchers were used as they raced to rescue casualty after casualty from the beach, back onto the waiting boats.

Later the children experienced, again through drama, the emotions of being caught up in an air raid on the Home Front.   A number of children wore costumes as they learnt about the different roles required to keep England safe under heavy enemy bombing.

Using their experiences from the morning, we then returned to classrooms to begin writing stories based around either the Dunkirk landings or life on the Home Front.  The children worked enthusiastically on their stories and we wait to see what Paul Nolan makes of their creativity.

Paul will be back in school on Friday, for those children wishing to buy a signed copy of one of his books.  We thank him for his great enthusiasm and passion for bringing history alive today.

The workshop was funded  by FOBS and, as always, we’re hugely grateful for the contributions they, and parents who attend their events, make to enhance our curriculum at BWJS.




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