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February 6, 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 2

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At the end of last night’s blog, I suggested we’d all be in bed early and there would be no fuss throughout the night.  I didn’t really mean it… but it turned out to be true! By 11 (okay, 11.30), everyone was asleep for the night, and no-one was awake again until – well, 5 in the morning, so that wasn’t ideal.  I’m sure tomorrow morning we’ll sleep in for longer!

We enjoyed our first Liddington breakfast (today was a bacon day) then we headed out into the cold.  And when I say cold, I’m not messing around.  Most children were wearing at least four layers on top and two pairs of trousers, but even that wasn’t enough to stop the chill creeping in.  Fortunately, we had lots of activities to enjoy in the meantime.

On offer today…

The giant swing.  An activity that more than lives up to its name.  Children were strapped to the swing in pairs and then hoisted up by their team mates as high as they wanted to go before pulling the release rope and dropping through the air.  Thoroughly enjoyed by all – even if there was little confusion between the ‘stop’ and ‘(all the way to the) top’.  (Sorry, Sophia!!)

Abseiling.  Having done the climbing wall yesterday, today we were able to head the other way.  A real challenge for some of the children, but even getting to the top of the tower was a great achievement for some.

Aeroball.  A high-energy game of basketball on trampolines.  Played in three minute bursts, but three minutes feels like a long time when it’s happening!

The challenge course.  A giant assault course, and a rare opportunity to work at ground level.  Also a good chance to stay warm as everyone could be active at once.

Crate Challenge. An activity of co-operation and problem solving.  The children had to build a tower of crates while staying at the top of their (increasingly wobbly) tower.  Every crate challenge ends in the same way – three children dangling from ropes until we decide to let them down.

The children are now enjoying their ‘robot wars’ evening activity – 6 robots are being constructed in front of us out of child-filled cardboard.  I’ll try and upload some photos of the result when they’re finished…-

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