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February 5, 2018

Monday 5th February 2018 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 1

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We’re now drawing towards the end of our first day at Liddington this year.  We arrived after a nice easy journey in bright sunshine (though without the temperatures to match).  After dumping all our worldly goods in a storeroom, we did a quick tour of the site and headed in for our first hot meal.

After feasting on pizza, we headed out for our first activities: climbing and orienteering.

Climbing was our first activity at height, and a good opportunity for the children to see how they’d cope off the ground.  Some children were able to scale the height more or less immediately, ringing the bell to celebrate their success.  Others found the experience a little more daunting, everyone was able to find a height they can try and beat tomorrow.  Climbing also gave the children their first experiencing of getting in and out of their harnesses and belaying for each other, skills they’ll have plenty of practice in as the week goes on.

Orienteering allowed the children the chance to work together in groups while navigating the site, searching out clues and piecing them together.  A gentler activity as the sun came down, and a good preparation for dinner – our second hot meal of sausages, beef and mushroom pie or vegetable lasagne.

After a short time in the bedrooms – an opportunity for showers and unpacking – we made our way to the sports hall.

As I write this, the children are engaged in their evening activity: wacky races.  These are… hard to explain, but I’m sure the children will do their best when they get home – if they can remember that far back.  After this, we’ll head back to our rooms and, no doubt, go straight to sleep without any fuss.  Wish us luck!

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