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June 29, 2017

Thursday 29th June 2017 – Hampshire Games Swimming Success

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Today, 11 Year 4’s and 1 Year 3 travelled to Aldershot to represent our district for swimming at the Hampshire Games. The children were very excited at the Opening Ceremony and rightly so! As we walked to the pool, proudly carrying our banner, nervous energy was definitely apparent. The children got changed and completed their look with our school T-Bags. This got them in to the competition zone and we walked out with pride to pool side.

When the teams were introduced, the Bishop’s Waltham cheer was rather loud! Our travelling supporters were cheering just as loud on the other side! The pool was 25m, 5m longer than our school one and a very deep 3.8m!
The races started and we certainly showed off our skills and talents in the water. We won many of our heats, had great times on all our floats and good distances on our push and glides. We came in to a league of our own for the relays. We changed tactics and bounced off each other to ensure we comfortable won all of the relays by at least 10m. One of them was about length and a half! (We will have more details of individual times and places soon).

We knew we had done well but not certain on gold. We gathered for results. Lowest score would win! 9th place point score was 190+. The scores decreased and 2nd place was announced with 88. We did it! 1st place was announced with an incredibly low 68 to BWJS! They did it! Their sheer determination, sportsmanship, technique and talent won BWJS gold! The event coordinator commended the squad and said they were true winners for both their superb swimming and cheering the loudest all day!

The children, from beginning to end, were FANTASTIC. They represented our school and district honourably. You cheered each other on, you congratulated each other and you cheered for other schools when they were down – a demonstration of sportsmanship at its best. You were by far the loudest, most competitive but caring team there. I cannot stress how proud I am of them all and I know Mrs Cooper will be too along with the rest of the school. They showed every school and Hampshire Game value. Mrs and Harris and I feel honoured to have gone to such an important event with such a brilliant bunch of swimmers! Well done! We went to win and we did, you are all stars!

PS – Thank you to all the parents and a grandparent for travelling with us today – you were a great support for the team!

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  1. Wow! Truly incredible – well done to each and everyone of you. A real honour, superb result; and excellent ambassadors of BWJS.

      Mr Campbell — June 29, 2017 @ 11:02 pm

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