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June 7, 2015

Year 4 at Stubbington – 3rd-5th June 2015

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Hopefully, Year 4 are feeling refreshed and re-charged after a fantastic 3 days at Stubbington – it was a great way to start our last half term in Year 4 and I’m sure they’ll be talking about it for a while yet!

We loaded the coaches at about 9.30am on Wednesday 3rd June, and after a ‘selfie’ on the coach, we set off for Stubbington Study Centre.  The sun was shining which we were all very happy about and this only added to the excitement of what was to come! As we arrived at the Centre, we were greeted by the Centre staff, who unloaded our bags.  The children were shown to a classroom where they were split into Groups A and B.  The children got straight into their activities as we couldn’t see our rooms yet, due to another school packing ready to go home.

IMG_3204 copy

Group A’s first activity was Earthquake.  The children were split into 3 teams and the aim of the activity was to get pieces of equipment around an obstacle course without touching the ‘lava’ floor.  The equipment included a full sized metal ladder, first aid kit, food supply box, a stretcher, clean drinking water and a rescue dog.  This activity required the children to work together as a team and to show good communication skills to complete the course.  Some of the obstacles required lots of climbing and crawling so the children had to have a good plan to be able to get all the equipment and their team from one side of the obstacle to the other.  The final obstacle was the ‘Lava Leap’ – a rope swing across a pool of water!  The children were fantastic at this, and Mr McKenna and Mrs Davey also took part in the ‘Lava Leap’, both remaining dry and landing safely!

IMG_3021 copy IMG_3036 copy

Meanwhile, Group B were building shelters from various large sticks and branches.  The aim was to build a shelter from a tropical storm which was brewing out to sea.  The children had to think carefully about how their shelter was going to stand up and where to position their ‘door’ as they needed it to be facing away from the predators that may have come out from the jungle!  Finally, it had to be waterproof to protect it from the rain.  The children worked well in teams to build their shelters, talking to each other about where and how to position the sticks and branches.  Once their shelters were built, the children had to crawl inside them and wait for Mrs Daniels to throw water onto them to see how waterproof they were! Some of the children got soaked, whilst others stayed completely dry – luckily it was sunny so the children dried off quickly!  Once this activity was completed, Group B went to study mammal tracks and signs in the conservation areas.  We were very observant and managed to find evidence of deer, badgers, foxes and mice!

After this, we all went for lunch in the Snuffle Hole! Here, the children re-fuelled after a busy morning of activities, ready to unpack their clothes in the afternoon.

Straight after lunch, the children were shown to their dormitories and rooms.  BWJS had the Holly and Oak corridors.  The children unpacked their clothes, hanging up coats and jumpers in the wardrobes and folding t-shirts and trousers into their cubby holes.  The children did very well to unpack their bags, making sure they pushed their empty bags and suitcases under their beds so they had floor space!  After this, the children went to the Great Chamber and were introduced to the Centre Staff and staff from the other school who were at Stubbington too.  They were given a short presentation of what to expect whilst they were at Stubbington and how they could get the most out of their time at Stubbington.  The children were also put into teams for their stay at Stubbington, with Mr McKenna as the team leader for Kestrels and Miss Pearmain the team leader for Badgers.  The children would be playing games and to win points for their team, as well as trying to score the maximum points during the room inspections for their team too.  After this, there was time to visit the tuck shop to buy some sweets and small gifts with their pocket money.

Then, the children had some free time before dinner where they could play on the adventure playground, play football or go into the Games Room.  It was then time for a dormitory game of mini golf, where the children from Badgers and Kestrels competed against each other to win the most points for their team.

The children then went into dinner where they had time to re-fuel before evening activities.  Between 6pm and 7pm, the children did some sketching in the conservation area of different trees, plants and wildlife.  After this, they watched a wildlife presentation about the different types of wildlife they might see whilst as Stubbington.  The children listened so well during the presentation and were able to answer the questions correctly, even posing some of their own interesting questions!

Next, it was time for showers and getting ready for bed! Once the children had showered, they got dressed into their pyjama’s and had some quiet time in the big gathering space in their corridors where they read books, played quiet games and listened to Mr Campbell’s music! Lights out was at 9.30pm, and after some initial giggling and talking, it didn’t take the children long to fall asleep.

Thursday morning was very bright and sunny – so much so, that some of the children were awake and chatting at 6am – a full 2 hours before the rising bell! When the bell went at 8am, the children got dressed ready for breakfast at 8.20am where they could choose from toast, cereal and a cooked breakfast.  It was then time for Group and A and B’s first activity – Stubbington Fox. The children had to work in pairs to escape Farmer Davey and Farmer Amos who were trying to catch the foxes!  Whilst the children were being silent and sly (!), they were also trying to find clues about the foxes around the grounds of Stubbington.  To round off the morning, the children then took part in a couple of Earth Walks – working in pairs to guide their blindfolded partner to a tree where they had to use their senses to work out which tree they had been taken too and then walking in a line holding a mirror at eye level to see the world above them.



It was then time for a short break before lunch and then the tuck shop was opened!  After this, Group A took part in the shelter building and tracks and signs whilst Group B took part in Earthquake.

IMG_3055 copyIMG_3073 copy

Dinner time was at 5.20pm, and after this, the children completed some quiet activities in the conservation areas, before playing Stubbington Murder! Working in table groups, they had to ask the masked figures a series of questions to find out who the murderer was…Mrs Davey, Mr McKenna, Mr Campbell and Mrs Glasspool all dressed up in the hideous masks as part of the game! Miss Pearmain and Mrs Simpson stayed in the security of the picnic benches!!

After this, the children visited the hide in their pyjamas to try and spot badgers and foxes.  Unfortunately, the badgers didn’t want to be seen but there were lots of foxes around who gladly ate the food that was put out for them.  After this, it was time for bed – lights out at 10pm and not a peep was heard from the children until 7.30 am the next day – some of the children even had to be woken after the bell had sounded!

Our final activity of the holiday was a beach study.  Working in small groups, the children hunted for muscles, oysters, crabs and other sea life to make their own rock pools.  Once they had collected these and arranged them in their small troughs, the children went fossil hunting where some of the children found sharks teeth!  It was then time to make a rainbow, using the natural materials found on the beach including red and green seaweed and white shells.  After this, we put the wildlife back into the sea and walked back to the centre for lunch.

IMG_3182 copyIMG_3141 copy

IMG_3197 copy


We had already packed our bags the previous evening, so after lunch it was a quick check to see if we had everything packed before getting on the coaches and waving goodbye to the staff at 1pm.

The children were an absolute credit to BWJS and their behaviour and manners were exemplary for the entire time we were at Stubbington.  We were so proud of the way the children represented BWJS, well done! A huge thank you must go to Mr Campbell, Miss Chase and Mrs Glasspool who came to visit and help out on both evenings we were there, as well as Mrs Daniels who came on Wednesday, Mrs Amos who came on Thursday and Mr Fickling who came on Friday.  Here’s to next year!

(Report by Miss Pearmain)

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