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April 25, 2014

Friday 25th April 2014 – Swanmore Engineering Masterclass

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On Wednesday the 23rd of April, 20 children and Mrs Harris went to Swanmore Secondary School  do some DT projects.  In the morning it was a normal school day for me. Then, when it came to the afternoon, I was very excited.  We left at 2:00.  

Finally we arrived and we were taken to the work shop straight away where we got down to business.  When we got started, we were put into groups.  Then Mrs Coles told us what we were doing. She also introduced the other teachers, Mr Hedicker and Mr Mack.  Then we were told to go to a table and stand round while Mr Hedicker told us how to make the base of the car that we were making.  After that we cracked on.  The next part was making the other bits and bobs and making the mold for the top.  We made it with a cool machine. We were also asked to give a name to our car and team.  We put the car together and decorated it.  Then we raced. Unfortunately, after that it was time to go. We were picked up by parents and taken home.

(by Felicity)

On Wednesday the 23rd April, twenty children went to Swanmore  Secondary School to do an engineering day. The first thing we did was walk to the DT room and get put into groups of four. We all had to choose a name for our team. The name our team chose was lightning bolt. Next we got told how to make a chassis.  We were sent off to have a go at making it with our teams and we got it done in about 10 minutes but Olivia and I spilled glue everywhere. Then came  the best part – seeing a machine make plastic into the shape of a car. We got to twist wire and connect it to a battery and a motor which made the car move forwards and backwards. Finally we made the finishing  touches to our car and had a race against the other team’s cars.

(by Molly)


  1. Year 3 really enjoyed reading your blog. We thought there were lots of details and we found it very interersting to read. You sound like you had lots of fun! We liked your csr from looking at the pictures.

      Miss Pearmain — April 29, 2014 @ 10:33 am

  2. I like your car. That looks like fun!

      Liam — April 29, 2014 @ 10:36 am

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