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September 19, 2013

Year 6 trip to Manor Farm – Wednesday 18th September 2013

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DSC00371 DSC00373 DSC00395 DSC00401 DSC00408 DSC00422 DSC00438 (2) DSC00448 (2) DSC00452 (2) DSC00453 (2) DSC00464 DSC00470 (2) DSC00474 DSC00482 DSC00491 DSC00514 DSC00520 DSC00534 DSC00550 DSC00568Year 6 spent the day experiencing life as a Victorian yesterday. We all got dressed up and headed off for a day at Manor Farm Country Park. Over the course of the day, each group spent time in four different areas which taught the children about school life, domestic duties, farm animals and the journey of foods from ‘field to table’.

The school teacher was very strict and the children had to ‘be seen and not heard’ in the classroom. The recited the alphabet, had a hand-cleanliness check and practised their neatest copy writing with Victorian pens. When learning about looking after farm animals there was a variety of tasks the children carried out including milking a cow, feeding the pigs and cheking the chicks. During the ‘field to table’ activity, the children learnt about different crops grown on the farm and what they would be used for. The also used a hand grinder to grind some wheat into flour – it was hard work! The final activity was based in a house which was lived in by a real Victorian family. We looked around all the different rooms and learnt about how they would cook and preserve food, where they would sleep and had a go in the scullery with a wash board and mangle.

The day was enjoyed by all and topped off by being very lucky with the weather! Well done to all the children (and parents!)  for the huge effort you made with your costumes and thank you to the children for their excellent behaviour throughout.

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