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February 10, 2012

Friday 10th February 2012 – Celebration Assembly

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Mr Campbell began the assembly this morning by welcoming the large number of parents who had attended.

Reading certificates were awarded to Rory and Jack (5 hours); Tom, Joseph, Emily, Katie and Sheridan (10 hours); Millie, Gemma, Holly G, Bea and Katie A (20 hours); Lauren W and Bradley R (50 hours); Isabella C-A (80 hours); Katie P (170 hours).  Worldclass pupil of the week was a new member, Edward, and Great Plant Hunt pupil of the week was Jamie B, awarded for suggesting the activity for the club’s meeting this week.  Mathematician of the week in year 4 was Georgia.

Music merit certificates were awarded to Abbie for flute.  A silver award went to Chloe and gold awards went to Emily, Ella and Matthew; all for ukulele.

Miss Pearmain told the school about the cross country competition that took place yesterdat at Droxford Junior school.  A team of girls, boys and a reserve team entered and we are proud to report that they came 2nd overall.  Well done to Zac, Jake, Matthew, Jamie, Abby, Aimee, Natasha, Issy, Matthew, Jamie, Luke, Leah, Bea and Lydia.

On Tuesday the whole school braved the cold and spent the day involved in a football tournament organised by the Dynamos football club. Mr Campbell congratulated the whole school on the positive way they participated in the tournament.  Dynamos have given the school a shield to award to the winning lower and upper school teams each year.  This year the winners of the lower school were Team 13 “So random” and the upper school winners were Team 2 “Dynamite Blue”

The school and parents enjoyed performances by the school band; Bella, Izzy W, Katie Ellen, Tim, Elizabeth and Ben; accompanied by Mrs Wainwright.  Solo performances were also given by Bella, Ben, Elizabeth and Tim.

50 team merits certificates were awarded to Tom, Jack, Lexi, Hope, Chloe, Torryn, Megan, Katie and Abby.  Millie received a 300 team merit award.

Value of the week for positive attitude went to Nathan (Gingko), Chloe (Tamarind), Lily (Hawthorn), Katie (Redwood), Alexander (Jackalberry), Harry (Cedar), Kaiyah (Maple) and the cup went to Izzy W (Eucalyptus).

Team merits this week: 1st – Pumas (133), 2nd – Leopards (132), 3rd – Tigers (120), 4th – Lions (98)

(Report by Mrs Brown)

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  1. The band was really good.I like how they played alltogether,it sounded great!

      Holly — February 20, 2012 @ 10:53 am

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