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November 15, 2010

Monday 15th November 2010 – Year Five write about Jeremy Strong

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At the end of last half term, we were lucky enough to be visited by best selling children’s author, Jeremy Strong.  Year Five had prepared for this visit by reading his books, and writing our own stories in his style.  Last week, in our Big Write time, we wrote about his visits.

Below are some extracts from this work.

On 19th October 2010 Jeremy Strong visited Bishop’s Waltham Junior School. He told us about how he writes his stories and said, “If you write a book you can make anything happen in it.” He has visited over 1000 schools.

On Tuesday 19th October 2010 Jeremy Strong visited BWJS and other schools local to them. It was held at BWJS at 1.30pm. Before the talk started, Year 5 looked at the books on offer to buy. Jeremy Strong started the talk and he was hilariously funny. One of the things he said was, “ DO NOT OPEN THE BLUE DOOR! Otherwise you will be flattened by the lawnmower.”
Jeremy showed all the schools a flipchart on when he was a child. At the end of the brilliant talk the schools, including BWJS, had a chance to get their books signed.

 On Tuesday 19th October 2010 Jeremy Strong came to our school. In the hall there he was waiting for us to come in, but we weren’t the only people. There were some other people from different schools too. While they were coming in, he started to look at the mini books we made.
Jeremy Strong was very funny and entertaining, but what I think was the best was his picture of a robot and a castle from when he was young.

Jeremy Strong came to our school on Tuesday 19th October 2010. At the start we went to a bookstall to buy books. At first he wasn’t what I expected – he looked grumpy and angry, but he wasn’t. After we bought the books we went to the hall. It was a bit stuffy though, because there were lots of other schools there too. Jeremy Strong started telling lots of jokes. They were very funny. He spoke to us for an hour telling us lots of things about his life and how he got ideas for stories. At the end he signed all of our books that we had bought and then he went home.

For weeks, Bishop’s Waltham Junior School in year five had been learning about a famous author called Jeremy Strong.  They had read a number of books including ‘My Dad’s Got An Alligator’ and ‘Batpants’, and they were lucky enough to actually meet him.

On Tuesday 19th October, year five and year fives from other schools came to our school hall to see a very special man.  Jeremy Strong had come to talk about his books and to sign them.
At the beginning he showed us a piece of work he did when he was younger and he made lots of jokes about it.  Then he told us that his children are too noisy in the house so he works in the shed.
At the end, he showed us why he doesn’t use books to plan his stories, instead he uses a computer.  The reason why he doesn’t use books to plan is because his handwriting is messy.  At the end, before we went home, we had a chance to get our book signed.


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  1. It must have been great to have a visit from Jeremy Strong.

      Jennifer — February 20, 2012 @ 10:37 am

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