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April 6, 2020

Monday 6th April 2020- Wonderful Science

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Have you seen all the rainbows around? Have you been on a rainbow hunt? Maybe you created your own rainbow. Here’s a rainbow with a difference using science. Why not try creating one yourself. Remember if you have a go send me a picture to Have fun!

Monday 6th April 2020 – Gardening@home week 3

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With the warm weather set to continue, we have sent you our Gardening@home weekly letter of activities. Mrs White has set some really exciting activities to take part in such as making a bug house, going on a snail hunt and completing a bug wordsearch.  Please check your Parentmail for all the relevant information. Remember to email your photographs to Mrs White and we will blog regularly with your updates!

Thank you to Reece, Travis, Riley, Jennifer, Jacob and Freya for the photographs below – some budding gardeners in the making!

Monday 6th April – Art@Home Challenge

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Morning!  It’s Monday, it’s the Easter holidays, and if you’re feeling creative I have a new challenge to keep you busy!

Remember that any of the challenges posted here can be adapted according to the materials you have at home – I know that not everyone has a huge stash of art and craft supplies at home (something I have to admit that I AM fairly guilty of!)

This week’s challenge (in preparation for Easter this weekend) is to:


You could perhaps hang it in your front window for others to spot on their walk!

I’m sure you will all have lots of ideas for your own original Easter garlands.  If you are stuck, though, there are lots of ideas to be found on the web. Here are 3 of my favourites:


We are going to adapt this one to hang in our dining room window.  Note that an egg cutter is obviously NOT necessary – just make a template and cut around it! 

All that is needed to make salt dough is flour, salt and water.  NB. 250°F is 120°C (just a warning so you don’t burn your decorations!).  Normal poster paint works fine too.  My top tip is to coat this with some PVA glue to seal it: this way you should be fine storing your garland away and bringing it back out year after year.  Or how about collaging your eggs using scraps of paper? We used stickers for the spots on ours.


Just make out of card or paper if you don’t have foam sheets!  It’s better for the environment that way anyway.


How about making something like this out of an opened out cardboard box or wrapping paper if you don’t have a large roll of paper in the house? If you don’t fancy bunnies, what about carrots, eggs or chicks?

I’m already looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!  Don’t forget to email your photos to me:, and look out for them on the blog and School Jotter on Friday. I’ll be posting your other Isolation Creations on Wednesday 🙂

Keep on creating!

Mrs Milne

April 3, 2020

Friday 3rd April 2020 – Redwood Class Blog

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Happy Easter holidays everyone!

You have all been so busy this last week, it has been lovely to receive all your photos! Here is what you have been up to…

Alfie has had a jam-packed week. He has been doing all sorts of things including preparing for what sounds like an EPIC Easter egg hunt with by drawing a map of the house! He has also been researching all about King Alfred as well as completing some difficult maths challenges! (Shhh…. we won’t tell Mr McKenna what you wrote about his favourite team!!)

It is really important to stay active whilst we are all at home. Did anyone dress up in fancy dress for PE with Joe this morning? I would love to see pictures if you did. Alfie has been making sure to stay active doing lots of different things like PE with Joe and walking the dog. Emilia M has written a persuasive piece about girls playing football to get everyone raring go!

Emilia M has also been working hard on her guide book all about Bishops Waltham. It looks fantastic!

It is also important to keep in touch with friends when we aren’t allowed to go and see them and this is exactly what these four friends have been doing!

I hope you all have a great Easter holiday and don’t forget to send me any photos of all things Easter-y!

Take care. Miss E

Friday 3rd April- It’s Friday Sycamore!

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Well not quite the end of term we planned for but it’s here! Hope you’ve enjoyed the spring term Sycamore.

I’m excited for Easter because of the Easter Eggs I’m hoping my kids have bought for me (wishful thinking- off to buy my own)!

Remember to keep sending me your pictures of all the fun things you’ve been doing. Since Wednesday, Bebe has completed the online history learning (optional) about WW2. She also made some salt dough decorations. I’m sure you’ll all agree how lovely they are! Helena (still part of Sycamore in our hearts) painted this beautiful king fisher thank you for sending it to us. Hollie has been really busy she created this beautiful flower card, went on a nature walk and created a caterpillar and tortoise out of egg cups. Cayla did some baking with her mum and made these lovely looking cupcakes (shame we aren’t at school, I’d be insisting on sampling them!). Freya had a go at Mrs Milne’s junk modelling task and created Rodney the Rooster.

I’ve been busy creating some science resources why not have a go at the experiment below and send me over photos of the rainbows you create! Stay safe Sycamore! See you all soon…. Mrs A

Friday 3rd April – Art@Home Junk Models

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Hey hey, it’s Friday! I’ve been bowled over this week with all of your fabulous junk model creations!  Thank you so much for sharing them with me. 

Lots of Year 3 children really rose to the challenge of creating their own version of the Iron Man and there is real range of styles and sizes. Make sure you take a look through the photos below, Year 3! Maybe you could comment on the blog saying which your favourite is and why.  I particularly love the facial expressions on some of them – they look like they have real personality! If you haven’t had the chance yet to make an Iron Man and would like to, perhaps this is something you could make over Easter? I am still happy to receive your photos.

Children from other year groups obviously enjoyed re-creating an Iron Man at home/school also:

I’ve been really impressed with everyone’s resourcefulness in making good use of the materials available to you.  Freya and Jacob’s Rodney the Rooster was made out of excess plastic bags that they had in their house! 

Some of you have befriended your new creations!  Loki had fun taking Melvin the Crab for an adventure around their farm and Edo is planning on building some Lego creations with his new Iron Man friend!  Junk model ‘pets’ don’t have to be large though – I love the little tortoise and caterpillar that Hollie fashioned out of an egg carton. 

We had a go at junk modelling here too.  Please don’t judge my evil cat… his whiskers and eyes kept falling off…I’m sure I wasn’t the only one experiencing that problem?!

That’s it from me.  Please head to the School Jotter if you’re interested in seeing more of the photos that I have been sent – there are lots of process pictures on there too.  Keep on sending me any other Isolation Creations that you are proud of – I’m gathering them all together ready to share on Wednesday.  Don’t forget, a new Art@Home Challenge will be issued on Monday: to make an Easter garland.  Who’s up for it?

Happy creating!

Mrs Milne

Friday 3rd April 2020 – Meanwhile, in school…

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Four children joined Mr Senior and Mrs Harris today, and we’ve had a very relaxed Friday-ish day.

We started with the Joe Wicks workout – after all, every day needs some structure! The rest of the day has been spent watching The Incredibles II, playing on the Wii, completing a huge Simpsons jigsaw, and generally enjoying each other’s company.

Friday 3rd March 2020 – Birch Class Update

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Hello again!

It’s still lovely to hear messages of what the children in Birch Class have been doing with their time at home.

Archie has been doing lots of work: making a sponge cake and going out for nice walks with his dog .

Jasmine has been working on her history project, reading plenty, and playing with her brother while Mum has been busy working.

Mytchil has been keeping busy with reading, lego and animal programmes as he rests up after hurting his foot.

Madison has been using her time in lockdown to work on her Scratch projects which she has been posting online here. I’m sure she’d love some feedback – you might want to create some Scratch projects of your own while you’re at home?

Have a wonderful Easter – I hope it feels like a break, even if it comes in unusual circumstances. Take care, everyone!

Friday 3rd April 2020 – 60 Virtual Tours:

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‘A document which gathers together more than 60 virtual tours from around the world.’

These virtual tours include aquariums, art galleries, museums, famous landmarks, science centres, zoos, and even outer space. 

The document can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Save the document onto your computer and start enjoying the virtual tours.

Be sure to let your teachers know where you go and explore 🙂


Friday 3rd April 2020 – Easter Wellbeing Wish List

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As we approach the Easter holidays (albeit, under strange circumstances) I felt it would still be nice to send out our Easter Wellbeing Wish List. As always, there is no expectation to do these activities, but you may feel that there are some activities you would like to do as a family. Please feel free to keep the activity list and amend it to use after Easter too.

A Parentmail has been sent out with the relevant information – I will definitely be trying the easy hot cross bun recipe over the next couple of weeks! If you have any photographs of your family taking part in these activities, please email them to and I will upload them to the school blog.

Many thanks for your continued support and very best wishes to you all,

Miss Pearmain

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