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February 17, 2017

Thursday 16th February 2017 – Liddington, Day Four

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Our final full day at Liddington bought another change in the weather, but a far more welcome one than yesterday.  Today’s activities were archery, the climbing wall, orienteering and the vertical challenge, all of which took place under – if not glorious sunshine – clear skies.

As we passed the time between dinner and our evening activities, we began the process of re-packing our suitcases.  We won’t be able to finish this process until the morning, but we apologise in advance for the state of the children’s things!  The children are currently watching a film in the dark – some of them may be asleep, but it’s difficult to tell.  We’re not expecting them to take long to settle tonight!

All being well, we’ll depart from the centre at about half past nine tomorrow which will should mean that we arrive back at school somewhere between eleven and half past.  If you’re hoping to time your arrival at school with ours, the school twitter feed will contain the most up to date information on our journey.  We’ll see you tomorrow!!

Friday 17th February 2017 – Value winners and Sporting Achievements

This week’s Value award winners…

Green Value

Swimming gala participants – Twyford match and Aqua Splash Festival

Aqua Splash Swim team - Twyford

Netball team – Boundary Oak Rally


Friday 17th February 2017 – Graffiti maths

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Today, Year 4 took part in a maths crossword competition. We completed this activity by working in small teams using Graffiti maths. This involved the children using the chunking method to divide and lots of co-operative work and communication.

DSC03052 DSC03051 DSC03050 DSC03049 DSC03048 DSC03047 DSC03058 DSC03057 DSC03056 DSC03054 DSC03053

February 16, 2017

Thursday 16th February 2017 – Boundary Oak Netball tournament

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Yesterday afternoon, the netball team took part in a netball tournament held at Boundary Oak School. 8 girls took part and for the majority of them, this was the first tournament they had been invited to play in. There were 15 teams in total playing within the tournament, and each team got to play 4 matches. The girls did really well and scored t least 2 goals in every match. Unfortunately, they didn’t score enough points to go through to the semi-finals, but they all came back to school buzzing!!

Well done to Millie, Sian, Livvy, Scarlett, Eloise, Evie, Devon and Grace. Many thanks to the parents who offered transport and watched the tournament. Thank you to Mrs Mars who accompanied the girls and was the official photographer!

DSC02753 DSC02760 DSC02767 DSC02772 DSC02777

Thursday 16th February 2017 – Gymnastics in Year 3

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Year 3 have really enjoyed their gymnastics lessons this half term. We would like to share some photographs of them, performing some of the skills they have learnt:

PTDC0370 PTDC0373 PTDC0375 PTDC0385 PTDC0389

February 15, 2017

Wednesday 15th February 2017 – Liddington, Day 3

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Another great day at Liddington today, despite a definite shift in the weather.  Activities today were a mixture of fencing (in the sports hall, so dry), aeroball (outside on trampolines, played without shoes, so very much not dry), abseiling and Jacob’s Ladder.  A lot of demanding physical activities, especially Jacob’s Ladder.  We also generated a lot of dirty washing today, so our Year Six parents might want to clear their schedules for Friday afternoon.  And maybe Saturday as well!

The children are currently enjoying their evening quiz before retiring to bed.  Tiredness is definitely setting in this evening – there are lots of children looking very ready for bed now.  One more full day of activities tomorrow, and then we’ll be coming home…

Tuesday 14th February 2017 – Liddington, Day Two

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Day 2 was a cloudier and colder day than the one that came before it, but that wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits.  Fuelled by our first cooked breakfast of the week, we enjoyed a day of activities including Survivor, the Crate Challenge, the Giant Swing, the Challenge Course, the Trapeze and the Zip Wire.  The day ended with the Robot Wars competition, each team constructing their own giant robot from recycled material.

Last night, we managed to settle well to a night of – almost – completely undisturbed sleep.  Let’s hope tonight is just as good: there are certainly lots of tired faces among the children. And among the staff, if we’re honest!

February 13, 2017

Monday 13th February 2017 – Liddington, Day 1

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We’re coming to the end of our first day at Liddington – and what a start we’ve had!

After a great deal of nervous weather-forecast-checking last week, we were lucky enough to have a beautiful day of sunshine for the beginning of our week.  We arrived just before lunch, having just enough time to get our bearings before lunch was served.  Then it was straight out to our first set of activities which included the Challenge Course, the Zipwire, the Trapeze and the Giant Swing.

The children are finishing the day now with an outdoor bout of Wacky Races before coming in and making their way to bed.  We’ve had a number of children so far tell us that they’re desperate for sleep – we’ll see how the evening progresses from here!

More news tomorrow…

February 10, 2017

Friday 10th February 2017 – Anglo Saxons and King Alfred

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As part of our Anglo Saxon study, we have been researching King Alfred. This has involved examining his achievements, deciding upon our favourite successes and making a living graph of his life. This activity included reading out key facts of life and deciding whether they were good or bad events. Next week, will be debating whether it should be Alfred the Great or Alfred the Lucky!

Below are links to the achievements (and some facts!) that we decided upon.


Friday 10th February 2017 – This week’s Value winners

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