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January 29, 2020

Wednesday 29th January 2019 – Gardening club update

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Last week, BWJS received some lovely plants, bulbs and seeds from Haskins Garden Centre in West End. These were kindly donated as part of their community scheme which enables the garden centre to work with different schools and groups to support outdoor learning.

On Monday, Mrs Amos, Mrs White and the members of gardening club had a good sort through the bulbs and seeds ready for planting – it was very exciting to see the range of different seeds we had been given.

We are very grateful to Haskins for donating these seeds and plants to our school and we look forward to watching them grow!

January 28, 2020

Tuesday 28th January 2020 – Roynon Performing Arts:

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Roynon Performing Arts are very active across the local and wider community. 

They are eager to further support the community in a range of services linked to the creative arts. They currently run over 60+ classes in dance, music, drama and musical theatre, run a casting agency for TV, radio and film and give regular performance opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Roynon wish to further harness the experience (established for over 35 years), qualifications and passion of their teacher team to then enhance the quality and physical/mental wellbeing of individuals in the local area. 

January 22, 2020

Wednesday 22nd January 2020 – Year 6 Clay Lesson

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The Year 6 children had an enjoyable afternoon learning various methods for constructing pots out of clay today. Having learnt about different types of clay that can be used for modelling, they watched a demonstrations of coiling, making a pinch pot, smoothing with hands/tools and joining extra parts such as handles. They then chose the techniques most appropriate for their own authentic Ancient Greek pot design and had a go themselves. Mr Senior and I were most impressed with the children’s positive attitude, resilience, problem-solving and kindness towards each other during this creative task. Well done Year 6 – we can’t wait to see the pots when they have been painted and decorated!

January 21, 2020

Tuesday 21st January 2020 – Support for Mrs Atkinson (BWIS)

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Mrs Atkinson – Learning Support Assistant at Bishop’s Waltham Infant School

Tuesday 21st January 2020 – Year 5/6 Rugby workshop

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Yesterday, 7 children across years 5 and 6 attended a rugby workshop run by Boundary Oak School. The workshop focused on the skills used in full contact rugby, culminating in some small sided games. The children were split into ability groups so that those who were already confident and played full contact rugby could begin with practising tackles on one another, whilst those who hadn’t any experience of this, could begin using the tackle bags.

It was a great afternoon – I was so impressed with the children’s level of skill, athleticism and discipline and as always, they represented our school brilliantly. Well done to Mylo, Ethan, Jazmine, Delilah, Issy, Ben and Jamie.

January 17, 2020

Friday 17th January 2020 – Year 4 – CM Sports club taster session

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On Tuesday, CM Sports did a club taster session with Year 4. The games the children played involved lots of our school values including Collaboration, Resilience, Creativity and others. The children had a fantastic time and took home a letter about the clubs CM Sports provide yesterday. The instructors commented on the great behaviour and participation of the whole school and what a pleasure it was to take the activities with them.

Friday 17th January 2020 – Fairthorne Manor Day Camps:

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Friday 17th January 2020 – Earth and Space in Year 5

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This week, Year 5 started to look more closely at the planets of our solar system and how night and day are created. Using play dough, they created each planet of our solar system and were surprised at the different sizes of each planet. After discussing how night and day occurs through the use of torches, globes and videos, Year 5 then created sundials to see how the sun ‘moves’ throughout the day. Unfortunately, the rain has meant we haven’t been able to use these yet… but we remain hopeful!

January 16, 2020

Thursday 16th January 2020 – Year 4 Sketching and shading

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Over the last week, Year 4 have started their next Art unit, sketching. This began with the children experimenting with different pencils and techniques to produces lines and shading. From this, today they used their abilities to draw some everyday objects. The classes have found this activity engaging, relaxing and fun.

January 15, 2020

Wednesday 15th January 2020 – Roynon Performing Arts:

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To further improve the standard of creative arts in the community, Roynon Performing Arts offer workshops, classes and events for all ages and abilities. Please see below to become more aware of the fantastic expertise and energy they have at the school.

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