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May 19, 2017

Friday 19th May – Year 4 Guided Reading

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In today’s Guided Reading, Year 4 used a conscience alley to decide whether someone should enter a tunnel. In this activity, all of the children give their views about the dilemma.  The character, is from our featured book The Tunnel. As you can see, Rose (Mrs Barclay, to most of us), was very upset at the thought of having to follow her brother. Eventually, we persuaded her to enter the tunnel!

May 9, 2017

Tuesday 9th May 2017 – Mini Tennis competition

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This afternoon,  4 children from the Lower School took part in a mini-tennis competition at Swanmore Tennis Club. This was the first of 3 separate competitions to pick a team to represent our Sports Partnership at the Hampshire Games.

The children played in 4 matches throughout the course of an afternoon with the matches lasting 7 minutes in total. The children had to score their own matches, which promoted communication between both players. At the end of each match, each individual score was recorded and added to the total team score. Overall, BWJS scored 156 points and finished 4th in the tournament, 2 points behind 3rd place.

It was a great afternoon of tennis and the team really did BWJS proud showing great tennis skills and sportsmanship. Well done to Jake, Chloe, Ava and William – and thank you to the parents and grandparents who came to support (a special thank you to Mrs Barnes who was our official photographer!)

May 4, 2017

Thursday 4th May 2017 – Year 3 History trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace

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Year 3 had a fantastic day learning about the Romans for their History topic today! They were very keen to ask questions and had clearly been doing their own research when it came to answering questions from the centre staff at Fishbourne. The children were able to dress up as Roman slaves and take part in lots of activities such as cooking and cleaning in a Roman kitchen, playing Roman games and making mosaics. They got to look around the gardens and learn about the plants used as medicines. Finally they were able to look at the original mosaics and brick work excavated in the 1960’s when the palace was discovered – along with Roman coins, pottery and jewellery. The children behaved brilliantly whilst we were at the Palace and the Year 3 team would like to thank them for their enthusiasm throughout the day.

May 3, 2017

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – Thankyou to the PTA (BWJS is so lucky!)

Please take the time to read the letter below that was sent to the committee members of the PTA (FoBS).

Dear FOBS,

Many years ago, FORSA (as it was) were kind enough to make some significant purchases to help the school with their productions. The money they gave us allowed us to purchase a full mixing desk, proper speakers, and a set of radio head-set microphones for the children to use. These purchases have had an enormous impact on the quality of productions we have been able to put on both at Christmas, and at the end of Year Six. I fully believe this is one of the areas in which Bishop’s Waltham Junior School excels – while the commitment of the staff and children are the biggest factor, we genuinely would not have been able to put on these productions to anything like the standards we achieved without this equipment.

Recently, we’ve been thinking about our lighting equipment, and how we could improve in this area. At the moment, we have two sets of mobile floodlights. These are showing their age – the insides of the cabinets are starting to degrade, and we have frequent problems with them overheating, especially during the summer. They also need setting up and packing away between each use as they’re mounted on the floor and are in the way of dinners, PE lessons and other after-school activities. Before Christmas, Darren and I explored the possibility of buying and installing a fixed lighting system to be mounted in the ceiling of the hall – equipment which would be safer, more efficient, easier to set up and use, and able to provide a much wider range of colours and effects. This equipment would be a significant step forward, but would allow us to keep pushing the boundaries of what we were able to achieve in our productions.

Every Christmas, and every summer, the lights come out for our final few rehearsals. It’s always a dramatic moment for our cast – it’s the point at which the process stops being a school play and becomes a proper production. I know that every child who leaves BWJS remembers their production experiences as a real highlight of their time with us, whether they’ve spent four years attending Choir and Drama, or whether they’ve explored unfamiliar talents at the end of their time in Year Six. On behalf of Year Six, and on behalf of the Choir and Drama team, we would hugely appreciate it if FOBS decided they were able to help us in this way.

Many thanks,

Jon Senior – Year 5+6 Leader

Well………I’m pleased to be able to announce that FoBS unanimously agreed to this request and have given the school the go ahead to spend up to £5000 on upgrading the lighting system 🙂 The PTA work incredibly hard organising events for both the children and parents and without them we would never be able to afford to purchase equipment of this nature.

A huge, huge thank you to the PTA – and to all the parents/children for supporting the fund raising events.

Mr Campbell

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – Good luck Year 6:

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I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of the Year 6 pupils the very best of luck in their upcoming SATS tests. The year group, along with every other Y6 cohort in the country, will be sitting their End of Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATS) next week. The pupils will be sitting tests in reading, SPAG, spelling, arithmetic and mathematical reasoning.

As much as I disagree with the whole regime of testing in primary schools and the education policies this government is currently trying to push through onto schools, I have to say that I’m extremely proud of the way the schools staff and pupils have approached this difficult period of the school year. They have been working exceptionally hard in the build-up to these assessments and the pupils are now ready to show off what they know.

They are a real credit and I wish them all the very best of luck for next week.

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – UK Junior Maths Challenge

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Last week, ten of our Y6 pupils sat the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. The event, which is open to pupils in Y8 or below, involves answering a set of 25 very challenging maths problems. The answers are multiple choice, which you might think makes the challenge easier. You’d be wrong! The questions increase in difficulty, with the final ten questions actually deducting marks if a wrong answer is given!

The pupils all showed excellent perseverance and we wait to hear if any of them have achieved a bronze, silver or gold certificate for being in the top 40% of participants.

Well done to Liam H, Hunor J, Freddie F, Hollie A, Alec P, Harry B, James B, William P, Jessica F, Ben C.

April 28, 2017

Friday 28th April 2017 – This Week’s Value Award Winners

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April 24, 2017

Monday 24th April 2017 – Happy Puzzle Company

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Today the whole school took part in a puzzle challenge session. Each year group completed a range of puzzles that required them to work collaboratively, persevere and creatively to solve the challenges. There were a number of ways in which each one could be solved but they required a lot of thinking. I hope the children enjoyed it as much as I did!
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and it was great to get such good feedback from our presenter. She commended the children on their attitude towards the puzzles and their overall impeccable behaviour during the sessions. She said they are a real credit to our school and I couldn’t agree more with her.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to FOBs for making this awesome day possible!


Puzzle DayKizoa Movie – Video – Slideshow Maker
April 7, 2017

Art Club: Print Making

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Our talented artists have been exploring print making techniques.  They chose from a range of materials to build up a surface design to create their own collograph print.

They also experimented with mono-printing, where marks are etched into an inked surface and a single print is created.

Children created many quality prints, but unfortunately we have limited space for display.  I will send all the other lovely prints home after Easter.  Well done Artists. Great work!

Gardening Club

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Pupils have made a great start in the garden this spring!  They have prepared the raised beds and planted broad beans and potatoes.  Dwarf French beans have be sown in plugs so they can be brought-on over the holidays in a green house.

Mrs Barclay and Mrs Harris did a fantastic job of repainting the garden shed this afternoon.  It looks tremendous and has really helped in refreshing our garden area.  Thank you very much for your wonderful efforts ladies!

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