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April 1, 2021

April 1st 2021 Year Three- End of Term Blog

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Wow! What an unusual term. After so long apart it has been wonderful to have all of the children back in school working together.

Since the 8th March we have accomplished so much. The children have been learning about fractions and data handling in Maths and of course they continue to work on their Times Tables.

In English they have written instructions for a tasty treat for The Iron Man, and more recently they have been writing a book review about The Iron Man book. It seems they all enjoyed studying this classic text.

It has been great to see the children able to participate in swimming once more. Many of them have made some excellent progress since returning to the water. Hopefully, this will continue next term. Also in PE we have been luck enough to have a gym coach to teach us all about the art of gymnastics.

Our Science topic this half term has been the exciting unit of forces including magnets. The children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different types of magnets and they particular putting the same poles together. Ask your children about what happens when you do this?

In History we time travelled back in time to the Roman period. The children were learning all about the Roman Legacy. This topic was consolidated today through an Roman Legacy Day. the children learnt all about Roman Roads, place names, calendars and all the other interesting everyday objects and services first introduced by this powerful empire.

To round off the day the children participated in an Easter Egg Hunt and all went home with a yummy treat.

Thursday 1st April 2021 – Happy Easter from Year Six

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This week, Year 6 have finished off the Easter Term by drawing a number of units to a close.

We concluded our Ancient Greek topic work this week by enjoying the film Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. Having written our own trials of Hercules in the previous week, it was nice to see the ways in which other storytellers had used elements of the Greek Myths to tell new tales.

We also completed our Greek pottery work this week. This had been a bit more of a rush than it usually was, but as you can see below, some excellent pots were created.

In our English time this week, we have been looking closely at the Easter story, and the themes within it. This afternoon, we were able to finish the term with the Easter Egg Hunt which Mrs Zillwood had organised for the school.

We hope you have a great two week rest, and you’re able to enjoy the chance to get out and about a bit more! Happy Easter from all of us here in Year 6.

Thursday 1st April – Drums!!

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We’re very lucky at school to have some very generous people who are willing to donate things we might find useful.

A big thank you to the Thompson-Abrahams who, this week, have donated an electric drum kit to the school. Now in the music room, these will be something that can be enjoyed for years into the future. The drums are set up like a real kit with programmable sounds, but they come with the added bonus of a volume control and a headphone socket which I’m sure some people will strongly approve of!

Thursday 1st April 2021 – After School Sports Clubs:

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CM Sports has once again teamed up with BWJS to give your child the opportunity to attend one of their popular after school sports clubs.

Please view the attached fliers for more information.

SUMMER 1:  Tuesdays (Y3&4 Football)    Fridays (Y5&6 Cricket)

SUMMER 2: Tuesdays (Y5&6 Football)     Fridays (Y3&4 Cricket)

Sessions will take place 3.30-4.30pm (children will need to pack sports kit in their bag – get changed in class prior to session) on the school field.  The cost of 6 sessions will be £24.

To book please contact CM Sports on 02392 987881 or visit


Darren Campbell

*** If your child is eligible for pupil premium/FSM and would like to attend the club – the school may be able to part fund/or cover the cost of the sessions. 

Thursday 1st April 2021 – Year 5 History and Art

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As we’ve come to the end of term, we have turned our attention to History and the Ancient Civilizations. The four Civilizations that Year 5 have been researching are the Indus Valley, Ancient Sumer, Ancient Egypt and the Shang Dynasty.  Using Timelines, computers to research and comparison charts, the children engaged in this unit of work in small groups to collaboratively gain an understanding of the different Civilizations. They discovered these Civilizations have been instrumental in many inventions that we still use today. Why not ask your child? We’re sure they’ll be willing to tell you all about what they’ve discovered.

Additionally, this week we’ve been continuing our Pointillism in Art. In groups of four children have been working together to produce a pointillism scene featuring French monuments and scenery. It has been encouraging to witness the children put into practice the techniques they’ve learnt to produce such stunning works of art.

We also took part in our final gymnastics session. This involved the use of travelling over different pieces of equipment. The equipment this week included the beam and box tops. The year group has enjoyed this unit and look forward to seeing Miss Jones again in the summer for athletics.

After what has been a hectic term we hope you have a wonderful Easter break and look forward to seeing you all in the summer term.

Year 5 team.

Thursday 1st April 2021 – Spring Term in Year 4

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Wow! What a great few weeks we’ve had with all of the children back in the year group. We’ve been working hard on our times tables, using the playground and chalk to help us remember them!

In English, we have been using a short animation called ‘Soar’ to help us write film blurbs, thank you letters and plan a narrative which we will finish after Easter. If you’d like to watch the animation, please use the link below:

During music, the children have been learning how to play the ukulele. They have played a variety of different songs and learnt the names of the strings to be able to help them play:

One of the highlights was making pasta sauces! We know some of the children adapted the recipe we used so they could make them it again at home:

We are looking forward to creating lots of new learning memories in the summer term!

March 29, 2021

Monday 29th March 2021 – Doodle Spring Challenge:

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Hi there! Between the 1st of April and the 30th April, Doodle will be running two Spring Challenges — the DoodleMaths Challenge and the DoodleEnglish Challenge. 

The Challenge encourages children to use Doodle for a few minutes each day, helping them to rebuild their confidence and get back on track in their learning. 

Best of all, those who take part can earn a free pin badge and certificate!

How to take part: From the 1st of April, visit and press Register next to your child’s name. 

Then, encourage your child to earn 450 stars (or 350 stars if they were born on or after 01/09/13) and achieve a 7-day streak in DoodleMaths and/or DoodleEnglish. 

Once they’ve reached their target, you’ll be able to claim their reward by logging in to the Dashboard and pressing Claim reward. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Monday 29th March 2021 – Camping Out For Charity:

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The Mogglets (all three of them) camped out on Saturday night to offer moral support to the young lad, Max Woosey, who has camped out for an entire year to raise money for charity.

I don’t know if you know the story? I’ve attached a link just in case you don’t:

They didn’t intend to raise any money themselves, and we didn’t tell anybody about it until the day, but family and friends offered to donate and they’ve managed to raise £70.

It’s not a massive amount, but every little helps!!

They really enjoyed the experience!!!

They watched films all night and ate lots of chocolate, and daddy took them some toast at 11pm as they were still peckish. They didn’t get to sleep until 1am apparently!!


March 26, 2021

Friday 26th March – Pasta sauce making in Year 4

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As part of their DT unit, the children in Redwood and Jackalberry class made their very own pasta sauces today! They had to design a pasta sauce which would be suitable for an athlete to eat so it had to be tasty and healthy. Working in pairs, the children peeled and chopped onions for the base of their sauce. Some added garlic and chilli as well as sweetcorn, mushrooms and peppers. We are looking forward to hearing how they tasted on Monday!

A big thank you to Sainsbury’s Broadcut (Fareham) for supplying all of the produce for the children to use for their cooking lesson.


Friday 26th March 2021 – Year 5 – Art and Drama

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Over the last few weeks we have been exploring Pointillism and started producing some of our own works of art. Using the techniques of the Neo-Impressionist artists, including Georges Seurat, they have created a range of images from insects to scenery. The year group have enjoyed using this technique to created eye-catching art.

This morning, the children have been Hot Seating in English. This drama based activity allows them to take on the role of a character to gain an understanding of how that character feels and describes the situation they are in. This will help them with writing a diary entry next week where the children were taking on the role of Charlie from the book Lion Boy.

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