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February 20, 2018

Tuesday 20th February 2018 – New laptops proving a hit with the pupils

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With plans for the current ICT suite to be refurbished back into a classroom, Hampshire County Council have purchased 64 new i3 Toshiba Laptops for the school. These are proving to be very popular with both the pupils and staff. With a new and improved WiFi installed a couple of months ago pupils can now easily log onto these laptops from anywhere in the school.

Tuesday 20th February 2018 – Congratulations Lizzie Yarnold

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Pupils at Bishop’s Waltham Junior School wanted to congratulate Lizzie Yarnold on retaining her gold medal at the Winter Olympics. What an incredible achievement. Lizzie came into school to speak to us all about 18 months ago and brought in her gold medal from Sochi. From then on, pupils have been watching her progress in the ‘Skeleton’ and were keen to share the fact that they witnessed her gold medal run at the Olympics last week.

Tuesday 20th February 2018 – Building works in full swing

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After months of limited visible progress, the building work project at BWJS has most definitely begun. In the last 24 hours, the steel structure (which will house two new classrooms) has been erected. Additionally, the steel beam, which was signed by all of the pupils and staff, has also been secured into position. The children are really fascinated by the building works and are eager to see how it develops over the coming weeks. We will keep you informed by placing regular photos onto the blog.

February 19, 2018

Monday 19th February 2018 – Y4 Swimming Success

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Our Y4 team put in wonderful performances to win the Aquasplash gala against five other schools at our pool on Friday 9th February. We will now have to wait to see how our times compare with the six schools in the Eastleigh area gala to find out if we will be going to the Hampshire finals in Aldershot.

Well done to all our team and thanks to all our parents who helped on poolside.

Mrs Cooper

February 9, 2018

Friday 9th February 2018 – Cross Country Competition

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After finishing in the TOP 10 during the Swanmore and District Cross Country competition back in November, the following pupils were selected to represent our area in the South Eastleigh and Winchester School Sport Partnership Cross Country Finals.

This cross country event took place on Thursday 8th February at Botley Recreation Ground. The 1.5km (2 lap course) route was wet, slippery and ended on an incline….A real tough test for our pupils. Each and everyone of them showed great determination in difficult conditions and should feel very proud of their achievements.

Well done:
Leon T-A, William P-L, Riley W
Zoe N, Helena B, Isabelle S, Bethan F

A special mention must go to Zoe N as she romped home in 1st place – by at least 30 meters. A terrific run.

February 8, 2018

Thursday 8th February 2018 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 4

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Our final day of activities today meant that everyone had the chance to complete all the activities set.  There were also a few new additions to the list.

During survivor, children learned about making a shelter and lighting a fire.  For Jacob’s Ladder, children are presented with a series of eight horizontal logs which they need to climb.  The gap between the logs increases every time making the challenge more and more difficult as it goes on.  During Trapeze, children climb a telegraph pole to a small platform before leaping for a metal bar hanging in front of them – a real leap of faith to finish the week!

The children are now watching The BFG for our movie night.  The film has just started and the lights are off, so we’ll see how many children are still awake when the credits roll.  We’re all looking forward to a good night’s sleep, a final Liddington breakfast, and then… home!  We’ll see you tomorrow – keep one eye on the facebook page or the twitter feed for updates on our journey.

If you’ve downloaded the new school app, you can see all the photos we’ve put on the blog this week in a gallery.  The children haven’t seen these yet, so they might want to take the opportunity over half term.


February 7, 2018

Wednesday 7th February 2018 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 3

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We woke up at Liddington this morning to two exciting occasions – a birthday, and snow on the ground.  The snow looked lovely, but it it didn’t help to keep us warm, so we needed lots of layers again today as we headed out for our next day of activities.

On the menu today were some repeats from yesterday (making sure every group got a turn) along with some newer activities: fencing, the vertical challenge and the zip wire all proving popular.

The zip wire in particular was a great chance for children who were nervous of heights to push their boundaries a little further than they might have done so far, and there are some children who we’re feeling very proud of this evening – we’ll mention no names at this point, but there will definitely be children with some stories to tell!

February 6, 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 2: Robot Wars

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Pictures as promised!!

Tuesday 6th February 2018 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 2

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At the end of last night’s blog, I suggested we’d all be in bed early and there would be no fuss throughout the night.  I didn’t really mean it… but it turned out to be true! By 11 (okay, 11.30), everyone was asleep for the night, and no-one was awake again until – well, 5 in the morning, so that wasn’t ideal.  I’m sure tomorrow morning we’ll sleep in for longer!

We enjoyed our first Liddington breakfast (today was a bacon day) then we headed out into the cold.  And when I say cold, I’m not messing around.  Most children were wearing at least four layers on top and two pairs of trousers, but even that wasn’t enough to stop the chill creeping in.  Fortunately, we had lots of activities to enjoy in the meantime.

On offer today…

The giant swing.  An activity that more than lives up to its name.  Children were strapped to the swing in pairs and then hoisted up by their team mates as high as they wanted to go before pulling the release rope and dropping through the air.  Thoroughly enjoyed by all – even if there was little confusion between the ‘stop’ and ‘(all the way to the) top’.  (Sorry, Sophia!!)

Abseiling.  Having done the climbing wall yesterday, today we were able to head the other way.  A real challenge for some of the children, but even getting to the top of the tower was a great achievement for some.

Aeroball.  A high-energy game of basketball on trampolines.  Played in three minute bursts, but three minutes feels like a long time when it’s happening!

The challenge course.  A giant assault course, and a rare opportunity to work at ground level.  Also a good chance to stay warm as everyone could be active at once.

Crate Challenge. An activity of co-operation and problem solving.  The children had to build a tower of crates while staying at the top of their (increasingly wobbly) tower.  Every crate challenge ends in the same way – three children dangling from ropes until we decide to let them down.

The children are now enjoying their ‘robot wars’ evening activity – 6 robots are being constructed in front of us out of child-filled cardboard.  I’ll try and upload some photos of the result when they’re finished…-

February 5, 2018

Monday 5th February 2018 – Year 6 at Liddington – Day 1

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We’re now drawing towards the end of our first day at Liddington this year.  We arrived after a nice easy journey in bright sunshine (though without the temperatures to match).  After dumping all our worldly goods in a storeroom, we did a quick tour of the site and headed in for our first hot meal.

After feasting on pizza, we headed out for our first activities: climbing and orienteering.

Climbing was our first activity at height, and a good opportunity for the children to see how they’d cope off the ground.  Some children were able to scale the height more or less immediately, ringing the bell to celebrate their success.  Others found the experience a little more daunting, everyone was able to find a height they can try and beat tomorrow.  Climbing also gave the children their first experiencing of getting in and out of their harnesses and belaying for each other, skills they’ll have plenty of practice in as the week goes on.

Orienteering allowed the children the chance to work together in groups while navigating the site, searching out clues and piecing them together.  A gentler activity as the sun came down, and a good preparation for dinner – our second hot meal of sausages, beef and mushroom pie or vegetable lasagne.

After a short time in the bedrooms – an opportunity for showers and unpacking – we made our way to the sports hall.

As I write this, the children are engaged in their evening activity: wacky races.  These are… hard to explain, but I’m sure the children will do their best when they get home – if they can remember that far back.  After this, we’ll head back to our rooms and, no doubt, go straight to sleep without any fuss.  Wish us luck!

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