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October 15, 2021

Friday 15th October – Year 4 weekly blog

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This week, Year 4 were asked to investigate some strange findings photographed by Mr Hornett around the school grounds:

Two sets of footprints had been discovered as well as some remains of an egg shell and a nest with an egg! As a result, Year 4 became investigators to ask questions about the findings in the school grounds. After much research, Mr Hornett decided to call Felicity Drogon, a local dragon expert, into school. This allowed the children in year 4 time to ask vital questions and clarify whether a dragon had visited the school grounds. Felicity Drogon confirmed that it was the Bishop’s Waltham Lesser Spotted Dragon:

The information the children have gathered will be used to help them write non-chronological reports over the next few days.

In Maths, we have been looking at using the grid method for multiplication. The children have been multiplying numbers by 10 and 100, using their knowledge of place value to be successful with this. The children used this method in the context of perimeter and word various word problems:

Finally, we were very lucky to have Mucky Bucket Farm visit us on Friday – we loved being able to get up close to the animals! It was a great way to end the week!

Friday 15th October 2021 – What a week!

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I will let the year groups provide more detail about the learning that has been going on at Bishop’s Waltham Junior School this week. Needless to say, it’s been varied…..interesting….and fun.

Here is a quick sneaky peak!! We’ve had tag rugby, a visiting farm, art, special library sessions, music – the list goes on 🙂

Friday 15th October 2021 – Great South Run:

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I would like to wish all of the BWJS parents who are running the GREAT SOUTH RUN this weekend the very best of luck.

Our very own Mr McKenna is competing in this 10 mile road race for the 18th consecutive time.  An unbelievable achievement.

He tried to convince Mrs Mars to take part this weekend……sadly, she said she was busy!

Please be sure to send in any photos 🙂

Mr D Campbell

Friday 15th October 2021 – Year 5 – History – PE – Wellbeing – Tag Rugby – Art – Book author visit

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This week we continued to investigate the different experiences that passengers had on the Titanic. The year group enjoyed creating fact files on the class they chose to focus on. A fact that staggered the children involved the private quarters in first class. Alongside two bedrooms and a reception room, they could also has TWO wardrobe ROOMS. Not two wardrobes but rooms for clothes! This obviously started a discussion about who needs that many clothes. At the time it was the fashion for women to be constantly changing their clothes for different activities and engagements, so maybe two wardrobe ROOMS wasn’t enough after all!

Wellbeing Wednesday

This week we gave each ‘high fives’! We discussed what this meant and decided what attributes we felt were good about us or what we did well. The children enjoyed reading each other’s compliments and discussed other things they felt were wonderful about their activity partners.

Tag Rugby

This week we continued to build towards next week’s tournament. Working on passing skills and positional play, we finished the lessons with some small matches. The advancements they have made in such short time has been fantastic. It is has also given us a chance to work as a year group and we are all looking forward to playing competitive games next week!


On Thursday Year 5 enjoyed a day of sketching. The theme was based on WW2 images.  They refreshed their memories by honing their shading skills. They have used these to try and make their drawings look more 3D. This has been achieved by applying different pressures to produce dark and light shades. Different strokes, cross hatching and stippling were also applied to enhance the sketches. The children, and some of the adults, relished exploring their creative side.

Paul Nolan visit next week

Alongside a morning of history for Year 5, Paul,  who is Historian and author, will be doing book signing sessions during break and lunchtimes. Attached is a flyer of his wonderful books that will be available for purchase and signing. Paul has a generous offer of two books for £10 or they can be purchased individually. He’s looking forward to seeing us next week.

October 14, 2021

Thursday 14th October 2021 – Book signing

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Paul Nolan, Historian and author will be visiting the school on 18th and 19th October for book signing sessions during break and lunchtimes (in Redwood class). Attached is a flyer of his wonderful books that will be available for purchase and signing. Paul has a generous offer of two books for £10 or they can be purchased individually. He is looking forward to meeting you!

October 13, 2021

Wednesday 13th October 2021 – Wellbeing Wednesday – High Fives for Myself

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Today’s task was aimed at promoting a positive self-image and positive thinking for each individual child at BWJS. The children were encouraged to think about what a ‘high five’ means to them e.g. good job, proud of you etc. The children then drew round their hand and wrote down 5 positive things about themselves, linking this to theme of coping with difficult strategies.

Once the children’s high fives had been created and decorated, they had the opportunity to look at other children’s vocabulary which had been used to describe themselves.

This was a great activity to help the children recognise their individual qualities and promote the importance of having a positive self-image. This is also a great activity to re-create at home as a family too.

October 12, 2021

Tuesday 12th October 2021 – Taekwondo Award:

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Peter M (Y4) joined the school’s Taekwondo club last June.

As a relative newbie, he has been very diligent, focused and keen to work on his skills and moves, to improve to the given standards required. He was recently awarded his ‘GREY BELT’ – much deserved recognition for the hard work and commitment he has shown.

This discipline has been good for Peter to control moves and emotions within a calm, measured routine.

Well done, Peter 🙂

October 8, 2021

Friday 8th October 2021 – Proud Headteacher:

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It makes me so proud to be able to walk around our lovely school each day and see the pupils engaged in so many different aspects of learning. This week, I’ve witnessed pupils participating in music, computing, art and writing lessons. They were eager to show me their work and explain to me the focus of their learning.

Both pupils and staff now deserve a restful weekend break 🙂

Friday 8th October 2021 – Leadership Award Nomination:

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I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Miss Pearmain on her nomination for an Educational Leadership Award. Miss Pearmain was praised for her leadership role during the pandemic, where she took the lead on promoting staff/pupil well-being at the school as well as introducing early reading/phonics protocols into the curriculum.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Miss Pearmain will be taking up the Deputy Headteacher position at South Wonston Primary School after half term as part of a year long secondment. Following her time as acting Deputy HT at BWJS last year, this is a well deserved opportunity.

We wish Miss Pearmain the very best of luck in her new role.

From after the October half term holiday, Ash class will be taught by Mrs Tessa Senior – an experienced and well known teacher at this school.

Friday 8th October 2021 – Year 4 weekly blog

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This week, the children started their Design and Technology project – making money pouches! They investigated a variety of purses with different fastenings before practising different stitching techniques.

We have been revisiting French vocabulary in our French lessons – playing lots of games, singing songs and practising French spellings:

In library time, we have been sharing our books with one another before reviewing our books in front of the class. It’s been lovely to hear the reviews which has allowed the children to read books which they wouldn’t normally:

In English, we have been creating freeze frames of the Princess Cinnamon and the Tiger to help us write inner monologues. This is a new style of writing for the children, but they have really embraced it and we look forward to writing other inner monolgues throughout the year!

We also played a Resilience board game in pairs, recognising different situations which would require resilience and how to show resilience in everyday situations:

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